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"...Uniting people in music, having a good time and throwing a rock party together like in the old days can probably be defined as the great goal of the people of Trier..."

Founded at the end of 2014 and completed with vocals in 2016, the five musicians from STONE BLIND 2021 are in full swing with the first EP "UNBROKEN" and are doing it  clear that musically no hostages are being taken and all signs point to an attack.

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Stone Blind have been playing live since 2017, when they started their musical journey with well-known bands such as DeWolff (NL), Battlesword , Sublind (LUX), Zerogod, The Shredders, The General Lee Band, Purple Rising - The Deep Purple Experience, Rising Glory, Radio Invaders, rebelsoul, and Drop Of Rage were allowed to share the stage and apart from the first open air events, live clubs like the legendary Ducsaal in Freudenburg, where world-famous musicians such as Randy Hansen have regularly performed since the 1980s , Bonfire , Hubert von Goisern , Guildo Horn, "The Strat King of Europe" Thomas Blug , Queen Kings, Wishbone Ash , John Illsley (co-founder and ex-bassist of Dire Straits) and in 2016 even Nazareth , who put the handle in the hand.


Other clubs on the list include Studio 30 in Saarbrücken, Ex-Haus in Trier and Jukomm Mönchengladbach. In short: no matter where, Stone Blind transforms the listeners into "participators". Uniting people in music, having a good time and throwing a rock party together like in the old days can probably be defined as the great goal of the people of Trier.

- Pedal to the Metal! 110% gas from the start is the strength of the band -

The Trier heavy rockers Nina (bass), Simon (guitar), Mätti (drums) and Dennis (guitar) around the almost two meter tall frontman and singer Toto Riöt were able to do this in their first active year in 2017 at the Saarland young talent award, the "Golden Headlights 2017" in Riegelsberg and as the only participating band from Rhineland-Palatinate in neighboring Saarland to get 4th place as a newcomer and convince a specialist jury of musicians , producers and music journalists at the Battle Of The Bands in 2018 and move into the semi-finals .

The recordings for the first EP release began in 2019, which should last until 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemic and the associated contact restrictions.

Anker 1

For 2020 you were able to get a coveted slot at the renowned cult event "A Chance For Metal Festival " in Andernach, which is limited to 666 tickets will take place on a larger scale.


NIGHT DEMON + STONE BLIND, vlnr.:  Armand John Anthony, Jarvis Leatherby, Toto, Dusty Squires, Dennis, Matthias

"...Mischung aus NWOBHM und Old School Metal à la Black Sabbath..." - AM:plified - Das Magazin für starke Musik: Home

hard rock? heavy metal? HEAVY ROCK!  STONE BLIND use the full range of both genres from groovy classic rock, to sing-along AOR anthems, to pounding beats and sharp heavy metal riffs, always so catchy that every listener will find "their song". are music fans and play what they themselves like to hear. Varied and catchy , with an independent sound and paired with strong vocals and critical lyrics , you can recognize the troupe among many.

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